A black Yorkiepoo is one of the cutest dogs to have. It is a smart, playful pet that can be happy indoors. This breed of dog which combines the positive traits of the poodle and Yorkshire Terrier is easy to care for. Yorkiepoos do not shed as much as other breeds of lap dogs.

At first glance, the Yorkiepoo with its soft, curly hair may seem like a pup that requires much grooming, but a hair cut every three or four months may suffice. The hair around the eyes of the pooch needs to be trimmed. It can be fun brushing the coat of a cute black Yorkiepoo.

Some Yorkiepoos may come in black with reddish tan, or black and white, or apricot markings. Ranging in weight from five to nine pounds and measuring six to 15 inches in height, the Yorkiepoo generally has dark, soulful eyes. The pup’s ears may be floppy like those of a poodle, or erect like a Yorkie’s.

A black Yorkiepoo can be a good watchdog. The pooch is alert to its surroundings. During the day, the dog can be quite energetic, but after running around a bit, can be just as happly snuggling in the lap of its master. Training-wise, a strong-willed Yorkiepoo may be a bit hard to housebreak, but patience will pay off in the end. A good trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques will be able to transform a stubborn pooch into an angel that follows commands.

Yorkiepoos can last up to 15 years. Owners of this particular mixed breed are glad to know that Yorkiepoos do not inherit the health problems common to poodles and Yorkies. The pup, however, can be susceptible to eye problems, seizure disorder which can occur between the ages of two and five, and low blood sugar. For this reason, a nutritious balanced diet, preferably all-natural dog food, is essential. Probiotics and a grain-free diet can help enhance the health of the Yorkiepoo.

Pets actually are allergy fighters, dispelling the notion that kids raised in a home with dogs & cats are likely to develop pet allergies and asthma. Yorkiepoos, in particular, may suit individuals who are prone to allergies and respiratory ailments.

A black Yorkiepoo is a joy to have. Though small, the pup can display an air of confidence and can be a terrific all-around home companion.