Dog loving is never just a breeze. Sometimes it takes a little hard work that will later on turn into a huge amount of fulfillment. Pet lovers surely know what theyre getting into when they decided to get a pup.
But more than the hassling maintenance and the tiring show-off of affection, it is really what you know about your little fella that makes you prepared.

So here’s all you need to know about a teacup yorkiepoo dog.

If you’re looking to own a pet teacup yorkiepoo, its surely because of the benefits of its size. This dog is so little they can fit in a teacup. This newest designer breed is a hybrid of a Yorkshire terrier and a Toy Puddle. And of course, because theyre so little, they tend to be appealing to kids, really cute and they are no trouble in getting your furniture or upholsteries unscratched.

This tiny buddy tends to either have silky straight fur or super curly hair. They tend to need regular grooming such as bathing, teeth-brushing and the like. But since theyre so small, there isnt too much bother in attending to their grooming needs.

Yorkiepoos are active and playful. They enjoy different daily activities as this also serves as their daily exercise. Theyre much of barkers and show some stubbornness to people it hasnt known or get along with yet. Despite this, they tend to still be a great family pet as they are very pleasant to children. And since theyre minute creatures, theyre a breeze to care for, just like hamsters (but with a longer life span).

Research says that there a lot of instances where mixed breeds are healthier than the parent hybrid. Depending on the health of his parent, a non-teacup yorkiepoo can live up to 15 to 18 years. Note that a teacup yorkiepoo has fragile body. They only weigh three to four pounds regardless of their birth age or maturity. It has little bones and reacts poorly against anesthesia and pet vaccines which may be deadly for the pet. They need intense care when it comes to their health and well-being.

Unlike the hamster, activities to get your teacup yorkiepoo busy dont include puppy mills. Although they love exercise, their bodies are too weak to take running at mills. In choosing a buddy such as this, it is considerable to notice its parents health as well.

Now that youve got what you need to know about the teacup yorkiepoo, ready the dog food, dog tag and it teacup home and youre in for one heck of a pet-lovin ride!