Gone are those days when big guard dogs use to roam the houses. These days, more people especially women go for the cute adorable ones. One of the mixed-breed that is enjoying an increasing rate of popularity are the yorkiepoos. Basically, the yorkiepoo puppies are offsprings of a Yorkshire terrier and Poodle parents. These fluffy dogs are friendly and playful. They adore children and they are great companions. However, just like other dogs, these yorkiepoo puppies need to be trained as well.

Here are some steps on how owners can train their yorkiepoo puppies from a young age:

1. Be the pack leader. This is always the most important thing. Since childhood, dogs must already know who is the master. If not, owners would surely have a hard time raising their dogs and making them follow their orders.

2. As much as these adorable puppies make great cuddle buddies, they must know their position at home. Avoid future control issues by letting the puppy sleep on its own area, preferably a nice bed or a doggie crate.

3. Dogs thrive with schedules. Try to create a favorable schedule for the puppy and try to stick to it. Since puppies are still young, they need lots of energy so there must be ample time for naps. Once the puppy wakes up from the nap, take him/her outside.

4. House-train the yorkiepoo puppies as early as possible. Use a a litter box, create a schedule that includes their “pee-ing and poop-ing” time. In a matter of days, puppies would be able to control their bladder and adjust to this schedule. So it is very important to be consistent!

5. If the puppy starts to make mistakes like peeing on the rug or chewing on household objects, just firmly say “No.” and bring the puppy to his “toilet area.” Avoid shouting or hitting the puppies. This is a major no-no.

6. When owners are doing other things like working at home, doing household chores, or doing homework, give the puppy something to play with. If possible, bring the puppy on the same room with the owner. This will teach the puppy that even if his owner is busy, he can still be with him and enjoy it.

7. When going out, put the puppy inside the crate. Young dogs must not be left on their own for more than three hours. If going away for long hours, ask somebody to look after the puppy.

8. Owners must take note of their puppy’s routine. Some dogs need to relieve themselves more than once while other dogs prefer to do it with big time intervals. There are also dogs who urinate then defecate after, while others do the opposite.

9. One of the ideal ways to train the yorkiepoo puppies is through paper training. This is done usually on the kitchen where owners cover the floor with paper where the puppies can relieve themselves. As each day passes by, there must be less and less paper to the point that the area would be very limited. After this, move the paper training outside or on a litter box.

10. Once the puppy is used to paper training outside the house or on a litter box, then he can be brought outdoors to do his business. When walking the puppy so he can relieve himself, put a piece of paper on the grass/ground. The puppy will then get the message that this is where he needs to do it. After some time, the puppy will get the routine and paper would no longer be needed.