The Yorkiepoo, a mix between the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier breeds, is an adventurous little pup who can be a fun home companion with adorable antics that can amuse you no end. Acquired from reputable Yorkiepoo breeders, these pups tend to be low maintenance and can stay happy & healthy for as long as theyre well cared for.
The Yorkiepoos coat is low shedding, making it a suitable pet for those who are susceptible to allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Good breeders of Yorkiepoos strive to come up with healthier pups with lessened chance for developing genetic disease by focusing on “hybrid vigor” and the Heterosis effect. The latter is the process of crossing two inbred lines to create puppies with superior genetic foundation.

Once a dog lover brings home such a pup, it is up to that owner to ensure the absolute care for the Yorkiepoo to prevent ailments. An all-natural, grain-free diet, with probiotics can help keep the pup in healthy shape. Regular veterinary check-up is likewise essential.

Some dog owners share that puppies purchased from pet stores may be physically and temperamentally unsound. This means that Yorkiepoo buyers may end up with dogs that are often ill and show bad temperament. Getting your puppies from good Yorkiepoo breeders ensures that much attention has been given to the dogs health and early socialization.

To get a certified healthy pup, ask your veterinarian for recommendations on reliable breeders. Or you can conduct a thorough web search on organizations comprised by responsible Yorkiepoo breeders. Some of these organizations adhere to strict procedures and protocols in monitoring professional breeders.
Yorkiepoo owners have mixed sentiments on the ease with which their pups were trained. Some say that their pooches were hard to housebreak, whereas others share that their Yorkiepoo pups were easy to train. Yorkiepoo is hardwired to be stubborn, but with firm training using positive reinforcement techniques, the canine can be an obedient and wonderful pet.

The Yorkiepoo can amaze you with its smartness and endear itself to you with its affectionate ways. Though small, Yorkiepoos can serve as alert watch dogs. The dog breed is generally prone to certain disorders like urinary tract disorders, kneecap problem, cataract, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia. People who got their ups from substandard Yorkiepoo breeders that have not attended to puppy shots and provided good nutrition end up dealing with more problems.