The hybrid yorkiepoos are said to be healthier than their ancestral breed Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier. However, they should still be engaged in healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and proper feeding of good food. They are not spared from Hip Dysplasia (or the abnormal loosening of muscles and connective tissues of the hip), Luxating Patella (dislocation or improper movement of the kneecap for dogs), Legg-Calv-Perthes Syndrome (a condition where the dog faces an addition or loss of bone mass at the ball-point of the hip joint) and Liver Shunt the shutting down of liver because of increased toxic levels in the bloodstream. Here, blood flows around the liver and not through it).
Yorkiepoo care has its own especial conditions especially for owners who want to sustain the active and ever starry characteristics of their designer hybrid dog. Here are some Yorkiepoo care tips you might find helpful:

Feed your Yorkiepoos three times a day until they reach six months of age. After this age, they can then be fed only twice a day. However, their feeding necessity should still be based on the weight of your dog and the instruction indicated by the dog food brand you have bought. And of course, the bigger your dog is, the bigger the amount of food they should be served. Feed them with warm milk and honey whenever you think they are stressed. This mixture calms them well.
Walk with your Yorkiepoo at least three times a week. This breed is excitable and very energetic. Letting them use up this energy will be very beneficial to their health and lifestyle. They are naturally happy dog, but yorkiepoos need constant attention to sustain this.

Grooming your yorkiepoo may vary depending on the traits it has resembled from its parent breeds. Grooming tips may vary if your pet acquired more traits from its poodle parent or from its Yorkshire Terrier mom. Moreover, the basic rule to yorkiepoo care when it comes to grooming is regular combing. A quick comb out every day will help to untangle their long coat and make it shiny and healthy. However, an occasional visit to pet groomer will be very beneficial to your yorkiepoo as nothing beats a groom from experts and pet care givers.

Complete vaccination procedures as scheduled. Yorkiepoo puppies should be given their first DHLPP (distemper and parvo) vaccine as early as 6 and 8 weeks after birth. Additional boosters meanwhile should be given every two to three weeks until four months. After this, a yearly booster vaccine should be completed. Apart form vaccine schedules, your yorkiepoo should also be dewormed at least twice, when they are young as it is easy for you dog to come in contact with parasites.

However, the best yorkiepoo care tip to ensure that your yorkiepoo is safe from any of illness is to have your yorkiepoo under regular veterinary check ups.