So you wanted to brag around the metro or impress a crush in the park. Youre leash is ready and so are your dog food and pet house. Youve even thought of a name already to give your adorable pet that has long lingering in your dreams and fantasies. Only one thing is missing your doggy pet.

Of course you dont want to have just some pet. You like a unique one some buddy that says, Ill hold you at Bark! Bark!

If this is exactly you, then youre ready to meet yorkiepoo dogs.

Yorkiepoo dogs are cross-breeds of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. Depending on the manner it has been hybrid, the way to determine its temperament could come from a variety of characteristics from either the yorkie or the poo.

Primary reasons why cross breeders made this hybrid is to achieve the Poodles non-shedding coat characteristics from a Yorkshire kind of dog. Also known, as Yorkie Doodles, yorkiepoo dogs are pleasant-faced and lovable kinds of pets.

The Yorkiepoo is a jolly, smart and active dog. He is a picture of a family dog that is liked by kids and loves to play different kinds of games with their owners. They also make great security dogs and are completely dedicated to serving their family owners. They like to be included in all kinds of family fun and appreciate all kinds of expression of affection.

Yorkiepoo dogs love socializing with other pets or friends. During their early age, it is good to get them together with different kinds of pets or children so that they can easily get along with a variety of surroundings.

Yorkiepoo dogs have an approximate life span of 15 years. Since they are cross-breeds, they do not reflect the same health difficulties the parent breeds use to have. However, they are prone to eye difficulties like cataracts sensitive response to anesthesia. They may experience dental problems, too, but this may be remedied by allowing them to chew on toys and providing solid food.

Since these are the cases, these pets require a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance. They need to be brushed weekly and bathed whenever necessary. They may enjoy taking strides at the park daily or doing outdoor activities but they may not be left to live outdoors. Trim hair around their eyes and ears so infections will be prevented from those areas.

Above all, the important thing is to treat your pets with much love and care. Dogs are mans best friend and this is how they long to be treated.#