What in the world is a Yorkiepoo? This name is only another name for the Yorkshire Terrier. The term Yorkiepoo is only used because they are just the cutest, most adorable dogs, actually being the number two most popular breed of dog in the world. The Yorkie is one of the greatest dogs you would ever have, should you have one of them. Maybe one of the biggest and largest dogs in terms of overall doglike qualities, though trapped in a body even smaller than that of a Chihuahuas, the Yorkshire Terrier is considered to be the most popular dog, in that it may be brought absolutely anywhere nowadays because of its little built. This does not rob them, however, of their amazing dog qualities. General Yorkiepoo information follows just ahead.
Yorkiepoo information should begin with their physical appearance. Not to be mistaken for a big hairy rat, the Yorkie is a fierce and an alpha dog trapped inside a body of a toy dog. They are hairy (which will be looked upon more later on), and nimble; quick on their feet. They have features which will definitely make you carry them around. They are brave, clever, agile, and very loyal. They will take on bigger and larger dogs and will not seem to back down until you pull them away. Although an admirable trait, it will prove to become more of a concern since they have such small bodies. Regardless, they will do what any other dog would do when it has a familyprotect them and watch over them. This is what makes the Yorkie so adorable.

When at all fours, the Yorkshire Terrier is about 15 up to 17 centimeters, or about 6 to 7 inches tall.

It should only weight up to about 3 to about 5 kilograms or 7 to 10 pounds.

Coat Care:
One of the greatest Yorkiepoo information tidbits about it is its coat care; or rather, hair care. The Yorkshire Terrier has more of human-like hair than it has fur. This makes it sort of hypoallergenic to humans, as other sources would say. They would require daily combing for the long, flowing coats, and weekly for the puppy cut types of coats.

Family Life:
Yorkies are such great dogs and loyal companions which always want to be with their families or owners. They dislike being left alone.

Usually energetic, and willing to please, Yorkshire Terriers are essentially lap dogs, with the eagerness of having the lifestyles of the bigger dogs.

Since they are toy dogs with little bodies, they of course have tender bones. Be careful not to drop them or put a lot of pressure on their bodies.

As mentioned a lot of times, the Yorkie is a big dog in a small dogs body. They will run, and run, and run. They are still Terriers at heart so they will do whatever any Terrier would do.

This breed of dog is very easy to train for they love pleasing their owners. One of the last bits of Yorkiepoo information.