A yorkiepoo is a hybrid of a Yorkshire Terrier and a poodle. Yorkiepoos are tremendously furry and cute, making them one of the most lovable small dog hybrids. As a new dog breed, yorkiepoos are seeing a growth in followers and breeders all over the United States. To be a part of this community, it is important to be equipped with the necessities of caring for a yorkiepoo puppy.

Basic Information
A yorkiepoo can reach a height of 6 to 9 inches and can weigh between 4 to 15 pounds. These small dogs have smooth straight or wavy coats. Yorkiepoos are known as hypoallergenic dogs, and are compatible with owners who are prone to allergies. So far, breeders have recognized tri-colored variety of coats, including black, tan, red, white and apricot.
Yorkipoos are small dogs with big hearts. Despite their size and sweet face, they are great watchdogs. They are also compatible with kids, and are highly sociable, lovable and playful.

Obtaining a Puppy
Yorkiepoos are relatively new, so interested owners should find breeders if they want to have a yorkiepoo puppy. Remember to always check the breeder’s credentials by obtaining a pedigree of the puppy or asking for the puppy’s parents.

Yorkiepoo Puppy Care
Caring for your yorkiepoo is essential for his overall health. Being an attentive owner will also improve your relationship with the pup as he grows. This means a lifetime of fun and companionship!

A yorkiepoo puppy needs lots of nutrients for growth and to improve his resistance. Puppies in general also thrive with more calories in their diet. Variety is a must to ensure that your puppy receives a balanced nutrition. They should also be fed frequently throughout the day. The amount of food is not specific, and depends on your pup’s level of activity. But remember to feed shreds or finely chopped food as the pup’s mouth is very small.

Yorkiepoos in general are a highly active breed, and their energy can peak during their puppy years. Take your yorkiepoo pup to short walks and train him to follow commands and simple tricks to expend his energy.

Grooming is important for yorkiepoos to maintain a soft coat free of tangles. When your pup’s coat starts to lengthen, brush or comb his hair daily, or groom depending on the texture of the hair. Get regular trims for your yorkiepoo to keep stray hair away from the eyes.
Vaccinations and deworming is crucial while the yorkiepoo is still a puppy. Do not forget to visit the vet for shots and boosters during this stage, as this will help protect them from diseases. Puppies are very prone to sickness, and it is important to get them to the vet as soon as symptoms develop or if your puppy’s behavior suddenly changes.

Final Words
A yorkiepoo puppy is a huge responsibility. They have physical and emotional needs that owners should be ready to fulfill. Give him all the love he needs and you’ll have a friend for keeps.