The yorkiepoo is a hybrid dog between a Miniature Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. Through the years, yorkiepoo rescue has been prevalent in various areas, especially within families who have so many dogs these little ones remain ignored. Another source of these rescued yorkiepoo are accidental litters that owners aren’t expecting or doesn’t even want to have. Usually, in a yorkiepoo rescue, the dog would have a small body frame and matts all over its coat. Constant brushing of the coat can help fix the matts and if its summer, shaving it off is a good idea too.
These small breeds of dogs are filled with energy and would enjoy playing around with humans and animals. It is very adaptable to a loving environment and most dogs that were retrieved from a yorkiepoo rescue incident are so affectionate and friendly they even make friends with cats. They love attention and would do various things so their owners will give them that extra treat or pat.

A yorkiepoo is a picky eater who needs to constantly chew something. If its teeth are not often used, it can rot and might need to be pulled out. Expose this dog breed to chew toys at an early age to improve their dental health. A solid food diet is also preferred for this dog breed.

Well taken care of adult dogs that are retrieved from yorkiepoo rescue shelters or came from a loving family are often house trained, behaved, and generally quiet. As this dog breed ages, they prefer to be in a quiet environment where they can have their regular walks and then retired to a quiet rest after. Although deemed as a quiet one, it is innate in the character of the yorkiepoo to be friendly with other dogs and animals, especially those that he shares the same size and attitude with.

The only concern with dogs that came from yorkiepoo rescue is their health. Immediately go visit the vet and get the dog a general check up. Immediate association with other pets without getting a check up can cause contamination if the rescued dog has an illness or infection. Although a crossbreed, the yorkiepoo has a long life of 15 years and they seldom experience health problems. However as the dog ages, common health issues that might eventually come up are muscuskeletal problems and eye problems like cataracts.