A Yorkiepoo is a dog breed that resulted from mating a Yorkshire Terrier with a poodle. Just like all other dog breeds, Yorkiepoo training is essential in letting your dog learn how to socialize and act around you, other people and other animals. With your Yorkiepoos small size and playful nature, they make for great family pets. They also stay small even as they age which makes them all the more a cuddly dog that you can bring almost anywhere with you.
As you start training your Yorkiepoo, you have to establish your leadership. You have to let your dog know that you are the master and that he or she should follow you. You dont need to establish your leadership by hurting your dog. By just making sure that you have a firm voice when you command and by bonding with your dog, you can let your pet realize that you should be followed. In Yorkiepoo training, you must set your dogs boundaries. It is an option for you to give your dog a special space in the house where he or she can run around freely.

If you prefer Yorkiepoo training at home, you have to make sure that you teach your dog well by repeating the commands you want him or her to learn again and again. Dogs are creatures of habit and if theyre used to doing one thing, they will do it whenever you ask them to. If you have the patience and the time to devote to Yorkiepoo training, you will be doing practically the same things they do at obedience schools. Compared to other breeds, your Yorkiepoo is not really the dangerous type of dog. In fact, theyre quite pleasant with other people. In time, your Yorkiepoo will be able to do many tricks if you keep on training him or her. Treats and positive reinforcement work well with this dog breed as theyre quite playful but very affectionate towards their owner. This kind of treatment works well with them because this is how they also treat their owners. Once they recognize you as their owner and teacher, they will remain loyal to you.

Aside from training them with commands and other tricks, you have to first housebreak your Yorkiepoo. They have to know the areas in the house where they can do their business. They also have to be oriented that your home is now their home and that they should behave. Familiarizing them with their surroundings from the first day you take them home will help. After they know where they can stay and where they can eat as well as do other things, you can know start training them. These dogs are indeed very trainable and are very friendly. They are suitable for families with small children. With their happy temperament theyre a great family pet. They are the best choice whether you live in a small or wide space.