What are Yorkiepoos?
Known otherwise as Yorkie doodles and Yo-Yopoos, Yorkiepoos are smart, pretty hybrids of Yorkie terriers and toy poodles. Typical Yorkiepoos weigh from 3 to 15 pounds. Known for their sweet personalities, they usually share the dominant traits of the two hybrid parents. Pet owners who prefer hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs usually go for this dog breed. These dogs are one of the most cherished domestic pets for they can easily be potty trained. And the fact that this hyrbrid is small makes it an ideal pet for people who want to cuddle and bring their pets anywhere they go.

These smart creatures can easily learn basic signs and instructions. The dogs are playful and child-friendly. Parents even let their kids play with their Yorkiepoos which are mostly energetic throughout the day.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into 7 groups: herding, hound, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, toy and working. Although they are normally built like a toy breed, these dogs cannot be classified as such because the American Kernel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize them. It’s because the dogs are not pure bred but rather a mix of two breeds. However, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. In fact, they are one of the association’s most popular breeds. When spayed and neutered, these dogs can receive an AKC listing number, but this has nothing to do with registration. An AKC listing number will only allow these dogs to join Agility and Obedience competitions and similar contests, but still only pure breeds can be registered with the AKC.

These dogs can exercise themselves indoor and outdoor. First-time owners should be willing to unleash these dogs from time to time and let them run free in parks. Known for their high level of energy, this breed loves walking with pet owners.

History of Yorkiepoos
Over the past decade, these dogs have become popular domestic pets, notably because they are low-shedding and serene pets. The first half of their parentage, the Poodles, originally came from Germany. The second half , Yorkshire Terriers, were originally from Yorkshire City. Yorkshire terriers were traditionally used for capturing rats. Noble families came to love Yorkshire terriers, and the species eventually become a popular domestic pet.

Yorkiepoos are among the most sought designer dogs in the recent years. Designer dogs are breeds that are intended to get superior traits from different breeds. Their original breeders were mainly motivated to produce more likable and marketable dogs. Due to the desire of some breeders to develop low-shedding and healthier breeds of Yorkshire terriers, Yorkiepoos came into life. When it comes to passing traits to their offspring, the mix breed fails to provide trait consistency as seen in pure breeds. Thus, the AKC refuses to recognize these dogs as an official breed. Nonetheless, this breed continues to rise in popularity. Most of these dogs are first generation breed, but there are also multi-generation breeds seen in recent years.

Smart and Adorable Dogs
These dogs demonstrate a good level of intelligence, adaptability and charm. The adorable dogs always want to get the attention of their owners. Simple gestures like licking their owners’ shoes or waging their tails to greet their owners are really heart-warming. Their cute faces and small size make them look like stuff toys you see on stores. Their innocent look captures the heart of both the old and the young.
Even if they are left alone in apartment, they would behave well. They are very active dogs, and you can easily take them for a walk or regular morning jogging. They can be very frisky, especially in the presence of kids. The dogs love moving around indoor and outdoor. Households that love children and the playful nature of the disorders they cause would definitely welcome the restlessness of this breed.

Being a mixed breed, the coat of these dogs can range from curly to straight, which are typical features of either one of their hybrid parents. The colors can also be of either hybrid parents, such as apricot, white, silver and black. The dogs need to be brushed frequently to keep mats from developing.

Generally, these dogs are easier to groom and kept clean. Proper litter box training can be easily accomplished, thanks to the sharp instincts and high level of obedience of this breed. Young Yorkiepoos can easily be taught to go to a particular place, usually an outdoor area, when they need to poo. You can start by training them to use a litter box inside a kitchen or area near the back door. Soon, you can place their customary litter box outdoor, and these dogs would understand they need to always do it outside. Playful and sociable, these dogs can also be stubborn, but this trait can easily be fixed as long as owners are patient enough in providing consistent training.